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Marisa considers herself a late bloomer as an artist; she only began painting a few years ago. The moment she discovered that she could create images by allowing herself to be guided, not only by her imagination, but also bringing to the surface what was being revealed on its own. Her hands and the colors at play gave her a great sense of awe and freedom. Since then, she has not stopped.


Her enormous curiosity to learn different techniques led her to study with several teachers that inspire her and allow her to uncover the magical and mysterious world of Encaustic Art. Playing with beeswax, raw pigment, and a

blow torch is like becoming an alchemist and "I love that." Her paintings are full of vibrant colors that mingle together to create beautiful compositions of the world around her.


Living half the time in Florida and in the mountains of North Carolina, where she has her beautiful art studio surrounded by trees, it is no wonder that the mountains and the ocean are her inspiration. Marisa has developed her own sense of color and rhythm that take us through the different elements of her abstract compositions. Her work is a channel of communication between her perception of beauty and nature and the eyes and soul of the viewer. 


I've been working my entire life to this point where movement and fluidity have been the common thread. From the day that I decided to move out of the rigidity of the corporate world, which was never me, and go to massage school I became the happiest person alive. Soon after I began my journey into yoga, and felt that I had truly found myself. What I never thought I would be was an artist, but when I discovered that I could let myself free playing with colors and get lost in that world I could never let go.


In the quest to finding my own artistic expression I have realized that from massage to yoga to painting, the thread of movement and fluidity has always been there and it's how my soul moves.

I am in wonder of everything and everything intrigues me. My work is a constant movement between the heat of the torch and all the possibilities that fall into my hands. I come to these explorations in the hope that the common thread can be perceived.

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